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The New Samsung Q6 Quantum Dot TV

The New Samsung Q6 Quantum Dot TV

Rumours are rife about the potential release and announcement of the latest in Samsung technology. It has been suggested that a new patent that has been filed points towards the company releasing a range of Quantum Dot TVs called the Q6 series

Looking deeper at the patents that were discovered by LetsGoDigital on the first day of IFA 2017, it is anticipated that there will be at least two different types of these new TV’s; a curved version called the Q6C and a flat screen version called the Q6F.

Although the patent seems to suggest the impending release of these new Samsung TV’s it does not go as far as identifying any potential screen sizes so we are still in the dark with that respect.

With Samsung already selling the quantum dot Q7, Q8 and Q9 TV’s it is hoped that the Q6 will be a cheaper version of these high-end televisions, opening up the market to new buyers. We remember when plasma TV’s were first launched and the enormous price tags that they carried, so it is hoped that the Q6 will be the first step in making quantum dot TV’s more mainstream.

Don’t forget we stock all top TV brands at Electronics Experience and are waiting with bated breath for Samsung to confirm their new quantum dot TV range.