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How To Watch UK TV in Spain

How To Watch UK TV in Spain

Ever since the ASTRA satellites were switched over and the ‘footprint’ for receiving UK satellite TV was reduced and more concentrated to the UK, many people have struggled to find a reliable way to receive UK TV in southern Spain.

In the early days when the UK satellite TV signal was first lost in Spain there were a few options that became available via the Internet, but many of these early solutions were either very costly or very unreliable.

We are pleased to say that since those early days, things have moved on substantially and there are now different more reliable and importantly, cheaper Internet solutions available in Spain to watch UK TV.

Watching UK TV in Spain

The most reliable method these days is to watch UK TV using an internet connection. Again over the last few years Internet speeds have increased substantially, especially with the roll out of fibre optic connected Internet.

Our TV service uses a Mag Box which is connected to the Internet and the TV. This allows you to then connect to our servers and watch all of those UK TV channels you thought you had lost. With additional services like radio and videos you will be able to watch everything from soaps to sports, all in the comfort of your own home.

These days there really is no better way to watch your UK TV in Spain.

As additional services we can also provide Scandinavian TV in Spain or Russian TV in Spain.

With the Premier League back, X Factor and Strictly about to begin and lots of amazing BBC and ITV dramas airing each week, now is the time to get yourself connected to UK TV online with one of our packages.